Jumping Onto The Field During A Game Is Never A Good Idea (But Love These Endings: Watch)

By kncipat on June 19, 2018
Photo by Getty Images

We’ve all seen it.  A fan decides they need their 15 minutes of fame so they jump on the field and run around.  In some (guessing most) alcohol is involved.  Sometimes it’s simply a dare.  In all cases it’s just stupid.  However when it comes to an end with text book tackle or take down it’s worth a view (or 5)..  Here are two from over the weekend. The first is from a Canadian Football League game this past weekend and usa.com gives credit for the “hit of the game” to BC Lions defensive back Marcell Young.


And from the college world series in Omaha, Baseball America writer Micahel Lananna says this was one of the most exciting moments in the tournament on Saturday:

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