It’s Just A Guy In Florida Going Down Interstate 95….On The Hood Of A Car While Talking On His Phone (Video)

They were going at least 70mph. If he loses his grip he’s gone!

By kncipat on June 26, 2018
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Last night at 8:15 I saw a guy on a motorcycle ride a wheelie on Highway 50 from Folsom to El Dorado Hills.  I know this because for about 10 seconds he was right next to me.   All I could think about was if he went down I would have been the one to hit him.  First and foremost I would have felt terrible.  And second, I might have been cited.  So I moved over as far away from him as I could. He never went down.  Instead he calmly set the bike down on 2 wheels as he was getting off Highway 50.  The fact that he rode on one wheel from the Scott Rd entrance to the Latrobe exit takes a certain amount of talent, and a complete lack of brains.   But that wasn’t the dumbest thing I saw tonight.  Nope, I saw this.   A man in Florida riding on the hood of a car that was going at least 70 mph, and talking on his cell phone.  The woman driving the car was also talking on the phone…maybe to him.  They were going at least 70 mph on Interstate 95 (think I-5, 80, 50, 99) and if he loses his grip he’s gone!  Take a look: reports that the guy who took the video said one of the most shocking things was that the driver and the guy on the hood were very calm…like it was no big deal.

We’ve all done stupid stuff.  All of us.  At the same time please make sure that should you misstep that it’s something you can come back from.

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