Keith Urban Pulls Random Fan On Stage To Sing ‘American Pie’ [VIDEO]

Keith Urban absolutely made a young fan’s dream come true when he pulled the 20-year-old from the audience to sing ‘American Pie.’

By Admin on May 1, 2018
keith urban
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Keith Urban is known to pull up audience members on stage from time to time. During his popup show at Sayer’s Club in Los Angeles on Friday night, April 27, Keith made Dylan Brekke’s night.

Dylan made his way out to the show alone after his friends bailed to hang out with their girlfriends. As he’s an aspiring singer, the 20-year-old was quick to jump on his opportunity to perform. He told Taste of Country:

“I shout out to Keith — and I’m in the second row — ‘You inspired me to pick up the guitar!’ And he turns to me and says, in his cool kick-ass Australian accent, ‘I’m the reason you picked up a guitar, mate?'”

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Keith himself was so impressed by Dylan’s singing that he posted a video of the performance on his Instagram. He captioned it, “Well Dylan- you might’ve missed Stagecoach – but u sure made up for it!!!!!!! You’re a champion! – KU @dylanbrekke

Of course, Dylan also posted his own video online, as well.

Dylan further said:

“He signed my shirt, ‘Hi mom! Keith Urban.’ Keith … I just wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You and Nicole [Kidman] are so sweet and the fact that you saw potential in me, I’ll forever be grateful.”

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