Keith Urban Details Why He Wanted To Tour With Kelsea Ballerini

Keith Urban recently revealed why he ultimately made the decision to invite Kelsea Ballerini as opener for his upcoming Graffiti U Tour.

By Admin on March 30, 2018
keith urban
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

There was obviously a huge talent pool for Keith Urban to choose from to pick his Graffiti U Tour opener.

Ultimately, he settled on Kelsea Ballerini because he felt that her more experimental country sounds matched Graffiti U. Keith told People:

“There were a mix of people that were interested, available, but musical compatibility was one thing. I knew the kind of record I was making wasn’t pure country down the line, and Kelsea’s records [aren’t either]. They’re a fusion of things and I felt that she would be compatible.”

Not only can fans expect some new tricks with Keith’s upcoming album, but he also says his tour will be a unique experience:

“I’m always looking for new ways to connect with the audience, new things to put in the set list and in the show — not just songs, but moments that we haven’t done before.”

Keith and Kelsea are hitting the road for the Graffiti U Tour soon in June.

Click here to get more information about the tour.

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