Would Kenny Chesney Ever Play Super Bowl Halftime?

The country star’s answer may surprise you.

By Doug Lazy on October 31, 2017

By Jeff Oravitz

Kenny Chensey performs in a lot of NFL stadiums when he tours. His 2018 Trip Around The Sun Tour will be no different. With all of his experience playing in football stadiums, you might think it would be a no-brainer to have him perform during the Super Bowl halftime show. Surprisingly, Kenny’s not sure.

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During a recent interview with Broadway on Y108, Kenny said “There was a couple of years where there were talks about that, about me doing it, but I don’t know man. I’ve always felt like it would be an honor and if I was asked, I would probably do it. Probably. But I can tell you that I’ve always felt like a performer singing the halftime show was the kiss of death, because it’s just never worked out. There’s always something negative.”

“Even Springsteen played the Super Bowl and did a great job and all he heard was negativity,” Chesney continued. “I don’t know why it’s turned into that. I would rather go to the game and have one too many beers and enjoy it.”

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