Kid Rock Comments on Time’s Up Movement In Music

Kid Rock spoke about his relationship with ex-publicist, Kirt Webster, who was accused of sexual misconduct by several employees.

By Admin on January 30, 2018
kid rock
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Nancy Jones)

Kid Rock recently spoke out on his opinion of the sexual harassment allegations coming out in music.

He spoke out about his ex-publicist, Kirt Webster, who’s worked with huge names like Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. Webster’s career effectively ended when several employees revealed stories of his sexual misconduct in the workplace.

Kid Rock told CMT:

“I would say Kirt Webster has been nothing but great to me and kind to me and helped me out in a lot of situations. Every time I’ve been to jail he’s been there to get me out.

“I was shocked as everyone else was to find out that was going on. There’s some of it where I’m like, ‘That’s terrible,’ and some of it I’m like, ‘Is that true?’ It’s unfortunate, but it’s great it has come to the forefront. But you just hope the truth comes out.”

He also commented on how normalized this kind of behavior has been traditionally in rock’n’roll:

“In my younger days, we always approached things like we can have a great time and get wild after a show. Whether it’s women, drugs, this, that and the other, and you’re young and doing it, it’s kind of the handbook.

“I personally always treated everyone right and with respect, made sure someone had something to eat or got a ride home. And if you were getting wild, you didn’t treat people badly.”

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