You Know Your Apartment Is Bad When Roaches Lay Eggs In Your Ear

A man had been dealing with quite the pest problem for a couple years but had enough with a cockroach climbed into his ear to lay an egg.

By DAVID on May 31, 2018
(Photo by Al Barry/Three Lions/Getty Images)

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This guy had to visit the hospital, not just find a new place to live after his experience. He had been living in this apartment for quite some time, and likewise has been battling a roach problem for about 3 years. He explains that they would be found everywhere, dozens at a time. They would come out of the light sockets, they crawl on his bed, they were everywhere. Why he dealt with 3 years of this is beyond me, but still. One night recently was the absolute final straw. He was woken up around 5am to the unmistakable sound of a roach climbing into his ear. I mean, we all know what that sounds like, right?

He took a trip to the hospital, saying there was no other option. “It felt like someone was shoving a Q-tip all the way inside my head and there was nothing I could do to stop it,” he says. I couldn’t imagine, wow. The doctor injected a numbing medicine into his ear to kill the roach. Oh, but it didn’t die instantly. He says he could feel the roach’s legs suddenly go full-speed when the medicine hit. Then for another 2 minutes, the roach was struggling quickly to try and escape. Eventually, after what we’re guessing was the longest 2 minutes in history, the roach died. The doctor extracted the roach, but then noticed something else. The roach had laid an egg inside his ear. *shudder*

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He was able to finally break the lease and move into a new apartment. He says he submitted many pest reports over the years, but the apartment complex did nothing about the problem. For what it’s worth, the apartments are near the college, if that explains the cleanliness situation a little better. Check out some pictures here, if you dare.

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