Local Craft Breweries Still Doing What They Can

By kncitom on March 19, 2020
Photographer: Ken James/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Covid-19 quarantine has sliced through nearly all businesses equally, including one of our region’s most popular: craft brewing. 

Thankfully for craft beer drinkers like myself, many locations are still offering fresh product to go. A quick search found several, including Goathouse in Lincoln, Knee Deep in Auburn, New Glory in Sacramento and Granite Bay,  Thin Line in Rancho Cordova, Flatland Brewing in Elk Grove and Moksa in Rocklin (which, staying atop of current events and the shortage of toilet paper, has a triple hazy called “3-Ply”). Keep in mind, many require advance ordering, but you can do through their websites. 

photo: Tom Mailey

While the breweries listed are just a few, there are undoubtedly others, but not everyone has updated their websites. And, some may not be able to at all. Best bet is, duh, give your favorite place a call and see. 


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