LOCASH Reveals And Discusses New Album, ‘Brothers’

After two long years, LOCASH is finally releasing a brand new album titled ‘Brothers.’ The bandmates talked about what the album means to them.

By Admin on May 24, 2018
(Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for The Stronach Group)

After two long years, LOCASH is finally releasing a brand new album titled Brothers.

The upcoming record is the follow-up of 2016’s The Fighters. Preston Brust talked more about the album’s title in a recent interview:

“Chris and I are not related and that’s the first question everybody asks is, are we really brothers. And the answer is yes and no, because we’re not blood brothers, but we feel like brothers. And there’s a lot of folks out there that have somebody close in their life that had their back and had been there for them. So we were hoping that maybe they would relate to these lyrics in this song.”

Chris Lucas added, “I think we’re all brothers and sisters out there, and we wanted something that brings people together, especially our military.”

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There certainly hasn’t been a shortage of songwriting inspiration for the boys since The Fighters dropped. Chris told Pop Culture:

“The past two years have definitely changed our lives. It’s been 12 years of hard work, and losing just about everything we could lose, and then finally getting to where we’re going. It shows you dreams come true … It’s unbelievable. I just had my third child, so it’s like my brain is going crazy.”

Their debut single from the new album, “Don’t Get Better Than That” is always seeing great success. Take a listen below.

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