Louisiana Man Uses Airboat To Dry Baseball Field [VIDEO]

Down in Louisiana, a little rain can’t stop your baseball game when you’ve got a giant airboat you can use to dry the field.

By DAVID on June 19, 2018
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

For the love of the game! Louisiana got some pretty bad rain storms a few nights ago, and the leftover water on the baseball field threatened the game. That’s when one resident got a pretty genius plan to handle the wet field.

Captain Josh Galt owns an airboat rental company. Down in Louisiana, there are a lot of swampy waterways. Kind of like the Delta, but much more shallow and full of grass and mud. Anyway, the only way to get around on those waterways is by airboat. There are a ton of them down there, and they come in handy. An airboat is a big, shallow tub with a giant fan on the back, which works like the propellor of an airplane. You’ve seen them, I really don’t have to explain much more.

Anyway, due to the storms, a little league game was threatened to be cancelled because of the wet field. Good old Captain Galt hatched a plan. He’d run back to his business, and load up an airboat. He brought it onto the field, dropped it on the baseline, and went to town. The wind quickly dried the dirt, and the kids were able to play their game. How cool!

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