Man Apologizes To Girlfriend By Hanging 300 Signs Around Their Town

A man got into some sort of fight with his girlfriend, so he posted over 300 apology signs around their town, but now the police are mad too.

By DAVID on August 20, 2018
(Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

There are probably any number of things a guy could do to be this sorry to his girlfriend. Maybe he loaded the dishwasher wrong, or didn’t fold the laundry. Or perhaps he left the 3rd empty roll next to the spool in the bathroom (sorry babe). But this guy left over 300 signs around his town, apologizing for whatever it is he did, trying to win her back.

It’s not exactly clear what the man did that he’s sorry for. All the article says is that they had some kind of fight. But 300 signs around town apologizing seems excessive, and we really want to know what happened. However, in his effort to apologize, he’s going to have to come up with another apology. Turns out the police aren’t happy with his signage, and they’re calling it defacing public property. Oops.

The signs are pretty simple though. They say “Shivde, I am Sorry.” And then he added a little red heart on them as well. He had a strategy too, since he seemed to post them mostly near the bigger intersections around their town. See the original story here.

Again, the signs are near intersections and along roadways. I suppose I can understand why they’re considered a distraction or a hazard. Especially if they’re covering necessary road signs that were already in place. Maybe there’s a school crossing, bus stop, lowered speed limit, etc. But some details are missing from the story, and we want to know more. But long story short, if you’re trying to apologize for something, maybe don’t post signs around town. Maybe start with some roses or chocolates.

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