Man Arrested After Being Taken Down By Baked Beans [VIDEO]

A man was threatening people in a grocery store with a hammer, and police were able to apprehend him after using a creative weapon choice.

By DAVID on June 4, 2018
(Photo by Nicolas Asfouri/Getty Images)

I love stupid criminal news. There’s just something about it that makes me laugh and feel better about myself. Also, why don’t more movies show criminals who are more “normal,” not well-funded groups of super intelligent masterminds. ANyway, this mastermind didn’t expect someone to fight back, especially not with this sort of improvised weapon.

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A guy was trying to, we’re assuming trying to rob a grocery store. He was armed with a hammer, and at one point tried attacking police officers responding to the situation. So how do you take down a guy who’s trying to attack people with a hammer? Well, besides the obvious method, well, a taser probably would have worked, but this was next-best. An officer came up behind the man while he was distracted and grabbed a can of baked beans off the shelf. Yep, you know what’s coming next. The officer hurled the can at the criminal, and hit him square in the head. Didn’t take him down the first time? Grab a second can! Here’s sa video of the event, for your viewing pleasure.

The man was of course arrested, and probably took a trip to the hospital as well. We can’t imagine what sort of bruise the guy got, but we CAN (har har) imagine that it hurt. The beans of choice were the classic Bush’s Baked Beans (extra brown sugar). The secret family recipe of the baked beans was not revealed in the investigation report, unfortunately. Check out a little more on the story here.

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