Man Banned From Sports Arena Rents Cherry Picker [VIDEO]

A man got banned from his home team soccer stadium, but he still wanted to watch the games in person, so he got creative.

By DAVID on May 7, 2018
(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

This guy is my hero. He was apparently banned from this one sports arena for some reason, but he didn’t let that stop him from enjoying the game. Faced with being banished to the parking lot, he decided to get creative with his new tactic to watch the game. He ran down to his local rent-a-center and grabbed a boom lift. Basically a big platform that raises up that contractors would use to work on buildings. He hopped in the basket, and had the boom operator lift him up above the seating at the arena. He must have had the best view in the house. Or is that out of the house? Anyway, check out the video:

Insert laughing emoji here. What a cool story he has now! We’re not totally sure why he was banned in the first place, but the total length of the ban is for 12 months. He’s obviously a die-hard fan of the team though, so we can only assume he got a little carried away during a winning celebration – or perhaps was just a sore loser to the extreme. We may never know why he was banned, but for that brief moment he was our hero. That is, until police showed up and told him to leave. Again. Oh well. He certainly enjoyed getting the crowd involved, and he was definitely the center of the show.

Check out a little more info here. What was the most creative way you had to watch the game? Did you have someone live-stream it for you? Have you had to watch from outside of a bar or restaurant before? Binoculars in the neighbor’s front window? That last one would be a little odd though, not going to lie.

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