Man Gives 3 Year Old A Dollar And Blows Her Parents Away (Video)

By kncipat on December 30, 2019
Photo courtesy of Lilys mom

He couldn’t have known what the 3 year old girl had been through that day let alone her parents.  Lily loves shopping.  So much so that she even has her own small shopping cart.  So when the 3 year old woke up from having a battery of tests the day before at Children’s Hospital she told her mom that she wanted to go to the store and get some “schnacks.”   Her mom was just happy that he daughter had the energy to do something normal.  Off to the store they went.  Mom and Dad with their big cart, Lily with her own sized cart.  As they turned an aisle corner a man stopped and talked to her.  He gave her a dollar so she could buy whatever she wanted.  Lily’s mom caught the whole thing on video and posted it to twitter.  As for Lily’s health, no update yet but her mom says she should be fine.  This is a great reminder to be kind, be the good….and keep a good thought for Lily.

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