Man Pulled Over For DUI Finishes Beer During Stop

A man was pulled over for suspected drunk driving, then was arrested after he hopped out of his truck and chugged a beer.

By DAVID on June 18, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Don’t drink and drive, it’s never worth it, it’s dangerous, and can harm other people out there driving around. Especially don’t be like this guy, who was pulled over for suspected drunk driving, who went ahead and finished his beer while talking to police. There’s more to the story than that though.

A man named Daryl from Florida was pulled over for suspected drunk driving. Probably weaving in and out of his lane, perhaps he was reacting slowly, whatever the case. Police stopped him because they thought he was drunk. As the officer stepped out of his car, he tried to make his great escape. He took off, leaving the officer behind. Potentially because he felt guilty about that, he apparently stopped a “short distance” down the road. That’s where it happened.

As the officer walked up to his window, Daryl went ahead and hopped out of his truck, and finished the can of beer he had in his hand. I guess he just knew he was going down, so he may as well go all-out. This wasn’t his first DUI stop though. He already had 3 DUIs since 2003. Also, there’s another 4th DUI pending from last year. Yep, you did that math right, this will be his 5th DUI since 2003. The four total charges from that night are: “felony DUI, fleeing from a deputy, driving with a suspended license and failure to submit a breath test.” See some more on Daryl here. Drink responsibly, and again, please don’t drive drunk.

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