Man Stays Remarkably Calm, Sings To 3-Year-Old While Surrounded By Fire [VIDEO]

As a family was evacuating the fire, while driving and surrounded by the fire, this hero dad never stopped calming his 3-year-old daughter down, and even sang to her.

By DAVID on November 12, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

This guy is an absolute hero, especially to his 3-year-old daughter Olivia. Joe Allen was in his truck trying to escape the Camp Fire. In the video, he’s driving down the highway trying to get out, in the middle of traffic. There’s a sea of brake lights, and fire on both sides of the road.

“We’re gonna get on fire,” 3-year-old Olivia says as she sees the fire surrounding the truck. Joe stays calm – remarkably calm, and reassures his daughter that they’re going to be fine. He navigates the traffic, passing cars that are slowed or stopped. The whole time, with barely even a crack in his voice, he’s recording video as well as talking to Olivia. He’s clearly keeping his attention on the road and all the fire around them, finding the best path to drive and simultaneously avoid emergency vehicles coming the opposite direction.

Heads up for an f-bomb at the 2:16 mark if you’re watching without headphones or at work:

At one point he starts singing, albeit just a line of a song. His wife, Whitney, says that Joe’s military training helped. “He was of course, worried… At one point we both thought we weren’t going to make it out.” Once the did make it out of the fire, and got to a safe location later in the night, they celebrated Olivia’s 3rd birthday. They’re not sure yet if their home is safe – however they are assuming that it’s gone. See some more on the Allen’s story here.

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