Man Tries Burning House Down Because Wife Spends Too Much Money

A man in Florida was mad at his wife because she spends too much money, so he started to burn the house down.

By DAVID on July 3, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

This isn’t the type of guy you want to be married to at all. He was sick and tired of his wife spending money, so he wanted to set the house on fire. Things took a sudden and drastic turn, clearly.

It happened in Florida. That’s just the standard opening line I need to use for stories like this. Pompano Beach, specifically, which is on the east side north of Miami. James is a self-employed painter, and he lives with his wife and children. Her sister apparently lives at the residence as well. He was mad at his wife because she apparently keeps going out and spending “his money.” Things got bad enough that he finally decided he was going to handle things once and for all.

He left the home and went to a gas station. There, he bought a gas can and a couple gallons of gas. He went back home and started pouring the gas “on and around the home.” His wife, sister-in-law and children were all in the home at the time too. The officer who arrested him noted in the report that the man admitted “that he had gone too far and that his actions were done in anger because his wife uses his money and is mean to him.” It doesn’t seem like a fire ever actually started. Despite that, he was arrested and charged with 6 counts of “attempted arson on an occupied dwelling.” Check out some more info on the story here.

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