Man Who Gets Car Run Into By Boy On Bike Does A Heartwarming 180

By kncipat on October 30, 2020
Photo via Getty Images

An old man was in his car stopped in his neighborhood when a teenage boy ran into his car with his bike. The force was enough to dent and scratch the man’s car. The old man, who wanted to remain anonymous for this story, got out to inspect the damage and as you can imagine was not happy. Instead of yelling at the boy he remained calm and asked him a few questions. He learned that the boy got the bike from somebody who was giving it away. The bike was pretty ratty and had no brakes. The old man told him to be more careful, got in his car and drove home.

A few days later the old man was driving around the neighborhood again hoping to see the boy who’d hit his car. Sure enough he found him. The old man got out of his car and called the boy over. He popped his trunk, reached in and gave the boy a brand new, red mt bike. The boy immediately burst into tears. He told the old man that he couldn’t possibly take it. The old man told him that yes he could. And that maybe when the boy was old like him if he got the chance he could do something like this for somebody else.

No yelling. No judging. Just trying to help guide a young man. More of this please! #bethegood

To see the pic of the man giving the bike to the boy who ran into his car head here:


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