Maren Morris’ Sophomore Album Will Be Emotional

Maren Morris went through a lot of life events as she was writing her sophomore album. It definitely influenced the sound of the record.

By Admin on April 30, 2018
maren morris
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Maren Morris has gone through some big life events in between the time of her first and second albums. Most notably, she got married to Ryan Hurd!

Now that the dust is starting to settle in her life, Maren is focusing up on her sophomore record. She even teased the track list on her Instagram with the caption, “she’s ready to record.”

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So what can fans expect the second album to sound like? Maren told Sounds Like Nashville:

“Ryan and I have been together over two years so that’s the majority of this album’s songs that have been written is like that time I’ve been with him, so it’s a lot more love songs. I’m just a happier human being this time around. I was going through a breakup during ‘Hero’ or before ‘Hero’ and this time it’s like I’m not as mopey and brooding. There will still be some of those songs but for the most part it’s very jovial and just happy to be alive, happy to be here and do what I love and have found my partner in life.”

It’ll be emotional, but in a good way!

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