“Mary Poppins Returns,” New Trailer Just Released (Video)

By kncipat on September 17, 2018
Photo by Paul Hiffmeyer/Disney Parks via Getty Images)

Remember the movie “Mary Poppins,”?  It’s okay if you don’t.  I mean it came out in 1964.  It was hugely successful at the box office and won 5 academy awards including best actress for Julie Andrews (she was Mary Poppins).   If you saw the movie, “Saving Mr. Banks,” where Tom Hanks played Walt Disney, that’s the backdrop for “Mary Poppins.”

Disney has a sequel coming, “The Return Of Mary Poppins,” and it’ll be out in time for Christmas.  It stars Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins and features Colin Firth and Meryl Streep.  Dick Van Dyke is the only actor in the sequel who was also in the original.

Here’s the new trailer

And here’s the trailer for the original “Mary Poppins.”

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