Massive Disneyland Power Outage Leaves Guests Stuck On Rides

Guests have taken to social media to document the situation.

By Admin on December 27, 2017
(Photo by Richard Harbaugh/Disney Parks via Getty Images)

A massive power outage occurred in Disneyland this morning in Toontown and Fantasyland at 11 a.m. that caused guests to get stuck on certain rides.

According to the Los Angeles Times, power was restored by 12 p.m. to a majority of the rides but with no word on when the rest would be back up.

No refunds are expected to be offered, according to a Park spokesperson.

Disneyland posted on their official Twitter page at 1 p.m. that the Park is only offering guests re-entry with California Adventure still open.

As expected, Disneyland guests who happened to be stuck on rides took to social media to document the situation. The Sacramento Bee compiled some complaints made by guests.

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