Midland Reveals They Already Have A Large Catalog Of Songs Ready

Even while they’re still riding on the success of ‘On the Rocks,’ the boys of Midland are already preparing for their sophomore album.

By Admin on January 17, 2018
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for ACM)

Midland revealed in a recent interview that a large catalog of songs already exists for the sophomore album. However, the band is still working hard to write new content.

It’s clear the band is aiming for success with their knockout debut album, On the Rocks, and two Grammy nominations. It’s no wonder the band is so successful seeing as how hard they’re already working to make sure their sophomore album meets expectations.

Mark Wystrach told All Access:

“We came to Nashville basically as songwriters, and we’re pushing our band agenda along the way. So we have a large catalog already of songs, and then we’re going to be continuing to write into 2018.”

It’ll be easier for them, too, now that they don’t have to worry about paying rent on time. Wystrach continued:

“But, you know, the difference now is that for the first time in our careers — and as artists — we’re going to be in a place where, we’re finally making money.”

Everyone is excited to see what comes next for Midland! Hopefully we’ll get some more news soon.

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