Miranda Lambert’s Boyfriend Trying To End Marriage ASAP

In a surprising move, Miranda Lambert’s boyfriend, Evan Felker, is now trying to fast track his divorce from his wife, Staci Nelson.

By austind03 on May 16, 2018
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In a surprising move, Miranda Lambert’s boyfriend, Evan Felker, is now trying to fast track his divorce from his wife.

According to Radar Online, Felker filed a motion to end his marriage to Staci Nelson in a fair amount of time.

In the documents, he states that if the courts don’t grant the motion, he believes Nelson will unduly delay the divorce. However, sources close to the couple believe Miranda Lambert is behind the recent development. They explained:

“Anyone who actually speaks to Staci knows she has wanted out of this marriage for months. Evan is the one who disappeared again and changed his phone number. They both planned to end this quietly. Staci has never wanted to go to court and Evan told Staci he did not want to either, so there is probably someone a little more powerful dictating all of this.”

Controversy surrounding the couple’s divorce has been increasing in recent months. Many believe Lambert caused the couple’s split, with once source even saying:

“Evan wants the divorce for his new life and so he can be with Miranda. Evan wants to be with Miranda and he didn’t want to be married with his wife anymore. He wanted the divorce first. Staci had no choice but to go through with it. They had been together for about five years or so, including the time they were married.”

Lambert and Felker have also been hanging out with each other, with witnesses claiming they were publicly making out in a New Orleans bar.

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While Felker was the one to file for divorce initially, Nelson later filed her own petition for divorce. She alleges that Felker abandoned her, something he denies. Nelson has also taken to social media to share her feelings about the issue. In a recent post, she shared the cover a book with the title, “WELL I WAS CLEARLY MORE INTO THAT THAN YOU WERE: A LOVE STORY,” which appears to be a direct jab at her now ex.

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Since there is no way to no for sure what is truly going on, we will just have to wait and see what happens.

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