Mom Without Mask Wears Buzz Lightyear Helmet To Grocery Store Instead

By Joey Tack on April 17, 2020
A view of Buzz Lightyear at Walt Disney Studios (Disneyland Paris) in Paris, France, on September 14, 2019. Disneyland Paris is one of Europe’s most popular attractions. In 2017 Disneyland Paris has received 320 million visits since its opening in 1992, 56% of which came from outside France (mostly Europe). (Photo by Salvatore Romano/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

While I’m not certain this is CDC approved, this is still pretty funny. Kelly Hogan Painter needed to get groceries and wanted to use a facemask, but didn’t have one laying around. Instead she borrowed her kid’s kid-sized Buzz Lightyear helmet and went in! See the video here!

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