Morgan Wallen Is Not His Dad’s Favorite Artist, But He Did Pen a Hit for The Guy Who Is

By kncitom on May 23, 2018

Morgan Wallen’s career is starting to take off. Taste of Country recently named the Tennessee Native’s hit “Up Down” (with Florida Georgia Line) as the “official Country song of summer”. And if audience response to it at Golf and Guitars on Tuesday was any indication, they’re right

Like a lot of young artists, Morgan is also a songwriter, and he co-wrote Jason Aldean’s latest hit, “You Make It Easy”. In between holes at Golf and Guitars, Morgan admitted “I kinda would’ve liked to have kept it for myself” but at the time, he wasn’t working on a record. As it turns out though, having Aldean cut the song was special for Morgan not just from a professional standpoint, but a personal one as well.

“He’s my dad’s favorite country music artist, so … you know that phone call you get to make, like, ‘hey, I wrote a song and just found out Jason Aldean’s gonna make it his first single’…that’s just one of those moments where you’re like, ‘man, I’m actually doing the right thing'”.

See more of our chat with Morgan, including what he thinks is the dumbest song he ever wrote, below (ignore the first :30 or so because it was recorded on Facebook Live)

Morgan Wallen, everybody! #GolfandGuitars

Posted by 105.1 KNCI on Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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