The Movie That Just Hit #1 At The Box Office Stars A Local Actress! (Video)

By on October 22, 2018
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

A local actress is….excuse me…killing it! Her name is Virginia Gardner.  She grew up here in Sacramento and if you knew her back when you knew her as Ginny.  And Ginny just happens to be in a movie that hit #1 at the box office, “Halloween.”  Jamie Lee Curtis stars in this reboot (she was in the original 40 years ago), and Ginny (I mean Virginia) plays Vicky.  Spoiler alert:  things are going pretty well for Vicky until she opens a closet where Michael Myers is hiding.

Do you remember Sarah Gardner?  For years she anchored the news on KCRA, Ch3.  That’s Virgina’s mom! And Sarah’s husband, Chuck, is Virginia’s dad.   Here’s a pic of the 3 of them together.

And here’s the official trailer for “Halloween.”
Virginia appears at the 1:04 mark. She’s the one in the middle with long blonde hair.

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