Mystery Couple Handing Out Cash To Strangers In Sacramento And Elk Grove

By Admin on October 31, 2018
$100 bills
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

What would you do if a stranger rang your doorbell and gave you an envelope? I’d probably be weirded out and assume it contained anthrax because that’s how I live my life. However, this incident has happened to a few people in Sacramento and Elk Grove. But inside the envelope was cold hard cash. 

Turns out a mystery couple has been going around passing out envelopes with $100 inside according to SF Gate. They’ve gone up to homes, left envelopes under restaurant doors and approached someone in a grocery store parking lot. There have been a few different descriptions of the cash givers. Sometimes it’s been just a man, sometimes a man and a woman and at least once two women. They either engage in a short conversation or say nothing. 

Some people believe the anonymous cash might be coming from a local church. The note attached with the Sea Hut restaurant read, “”God directed us to give you this money. Your discernment with the funds are between you and the Lord.” Additionally, one of the other recipients said the couple who came to her house were “dressed like they were going to church” and left by saying God Bless.

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