Neighbors Called Police On This Couple For Pimple Popping?

A man wanted his wife to pop a pimple on his back, but she didn’t want to, so they argued about it so loudly neighbors thought it was domestic violence.

By DAVID on September 27, 2018
(Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images)

If you’ve seen those pimple popping videos, or even in some cases having popped your own (or other’s) pimples, you’re probably saying “they were probably screaming loudly,” right? Nope. Neighbors called the police on a couple because they were arguing loudly. They thought there was some sort of abuse happening.

Probably unnecessary to say at this point, but it happened in Florida. A couple was at their home one night when they got into an argument. The argument got pretty heated, and concerned neighbors called the police on the couple. Police showed up expecting to find a nasty domestic dispute situation, but what they found wound up being a little more… Gross? The couple, aged 75 and 55, were arguing over a pimple. See, the guy (the 75 year old) had a pimple on his back. The wife (55) didn’t want to pop the pimple. The guy wanted her to, and apparently that’s how it all happened.

The police report (click to see it) says that “the altercation was just verbal and never turned violent.” That’s good news. What the report does not detail, however, is whether or not that pimple got popped. From the sounds of it, it’s still there. The couple each received pamphlets about domestic abuse/violence. See the original story here.

Side note – this post took me a long time to write because I got distracted with pimple videos on YouTube. They getcha, I swear…

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