Odd Story Time – Truck Collides With Airplane

Someone in a pickup truck managed to drive into and collide with an airplane in Maryland.

By DAVID on May 7, 2018
(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

In one of the more unique airport accidents we’ve heard of, a regular pickup truck ran into an airplane. It happened on the tarmac of course, but it’s still pretty strange. Ok, so probably all of us have been on a plane, or at least at the airport. You see regular cars running around where the planes load and unload all the time. Cars, SUVs, police cruisers, and pickup trucks. You also see baggage carriers too, of course, in addition to fuel trucks and catering trucks. There really are a ton or cars out there on the runways negotiating traffic with airplanes. It was only a matter of time before this happened.

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It happened on a Southwest flight from Florida to Baltimore, MD. The plane had just landed, and they were getting ready to let the passengers off. Just before the jetway was connected, one of those trucks on the ground simply drove into the plane.

It doesn’t appear that anyone on the plane was harmed besides having to wait for a while before getting off. There doesn’t seem to be any information about the driver of the pickup yet, but hopefully they’re doing ok. Nobody is sure why the truck drove into the plane yet either, at least that’s what they’re saying. Southwest says that it’s “irresponsible to provide details until we’ve had time to thoroughly review the facts.” Agreed, makes sense, gather all the facts before making a public announcement. Check out more on the story here. Isn’t that one of the more odd airport accidents you’ve heard of? What’s the strangest reason you’ve ever been stuck on a plane?

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