Pedialyte Now Making Drink For Adults To Help Them With Hangovers

By Pacey on December 27, 2018
(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

If you’ve ever had a bad hangover then I’m sure someone at some point has told you to drink some Pedialyte. That’s because Pedialyte has electrolytes mostly for kids. Those electrolytes usually will help after a long night of drinking. Now that company is making a drink specifically for adults called Sparkling Rush. This is powder mix that you put in water, and it will help you rehydrate from your hangover. Funny thing is, the company can NOT call it a “hangover cure”, but we all know that’s exactly what it was made for.



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Sick days are for comfy clothes and our most advanced rehydration 👍 Feel better fast with some electrolytes! #pedialyte

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I’ve gone around looking for the product, and everyone is sold out of it. Safe assumption that’s because of the holidays when everyone drinks a lot.

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