Photoshop Fail: Missouri Family’s Photo Shoot Goes Viral Thanks To Horrendous Retouching

By Admin on January 17, 2018

And this ladies and gentleman, is why you use a reputable photographer or someone you know. A Missouri family’s photo shoot has gone viral because of a big ol’ Photoshop fail.

When they first saw the photos, 8-year-old Connor though,

Their 8-year-old son, Connor, couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“I was thinking, like, what the heck is this?” he told Inside Edition.

The Zarings paid the photographer around $250. They didn’t ask for a refund because of how hilarious the photos were. “We laughed until we cried,” Dave Zaring said. Pam added that the photos were too funny not to share.

So share they did, and viral they went! And it’s pretty easy to see why…

Sometimes Photoshop fails are better than the successes if you ask me.

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