Pizza Hut Pie Tops Are Sneakers That Will Order Pizza For You [Video]

By Admin on March 6, 2018
Pizza Hut Pie Tops (Photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Pizza Hut)
(Photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Pizza Hut)

Pizza at the touch of a button? While I love it, it’s too dangerous for me. But, it’s happening later this month when Pizza Hut Pie Tops hit the market.

Now, there’s no word on how much the shoes will cost. But with the push of a button on the tongue, two medium zas for $6 each can be yours.

According to Elite Daily, you just download the Pizza Hut app and connect your sneakers via Bluetooth. Then,  you set up your go-to order and boom—za at the touch of button. Apparently the other shoe will be able to pause your TV, too. The world we live in…

Prices will be announced when ordering goes live on March 19.

Will you be ordering some Pie Tops?

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