Pizza Hut To Test Beer Delivery In Sacramento

By Admin on May 9, 2018
Pizza Hut Beer Delivery Sacramento (Photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Pizza Hut)
(Photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Pizza Hut)

What goes better with pizza than beer? Wine. Or chicken wings. Maybe some garlic knots. But, beer and pizza are a pretty good pair. Pizza Hut knows this, which is why they are teaming up with MillerCoors for beer delivery.

The pizza chain is piloting the beer delivery program in 100 stores across California and Arizona. And Sacramento made the cut! Now, I tried multiple addresses and couldn’t get beer to pop up as an option. So, either it’s only a store or two, or they haven’t officially launched yet.

But, a NBC Bay Area says that each Pizza Hut delivery driver will have a special cooler. However, options are limited on the beer available for delivery. Since it’s a partnership with MillerCoors, you can only get Miller High Life, Coors Light or Blue Moon six packs.

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