Powerball Winner Losing $14,000 A Day In Fight To Remain Anonymous

By Admin on February 13, 2018
Powerball winner (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

One Powerball winner is already experiencing a nightmare. A New Hampshire woman is asking the court to let her remain anonymous after hitting the $560 million jackpot.

But, in accordance with the law, she has to come forward. While winners can set up an anonymous trust, she already signed the back of her ticket. And said ticket has to be submitted in its original form of it’s null according to MSN.

Additionally, every day the prize goes unclaimed, it loses interest. $14,000 a day in interest in this case.

The Powerball winner has of course hired a legal team. Her CPA said, “The publication of…identities often leads to disastrous outcomes, including theft, ransom and harassment.”

These outcomes include suicide, murder, theft, ransom and other crimes. So, I totally understand where this woman is coming from. It is a life changing amount of money. But everyone comes out of the woodwork for that.

Let this be a lesson to you—don’t sign the ticket. Instead, set up a trust.

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