Ride With A Drunk Driver With This Dash Cam Video [VIDEO]

Ride along with a drunk driver in this scary dash cam footage, including the crash that still didn’t stop her.

By DAVID on April 27, 2018
(Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images for Amazon Prime Video)

A drunk driver caught her journey across town on her own dash cam, and it’s a pretty scary video to watch. You wouldn’t think it time for driving drunk, but it all happened in broad daylight too. Ultimately it ended with a crash, but nobody else got hurt, luckily.

The video starts with the final collision, but then starts over from the beginning. It shows the driver swerving endlessly and overcorrecting. She goes up on curbs and nearly hits I don’t know how many other drivers. There were a couple construction zones that she sped through as well, nearly crashing into the workers’ trucks. The police say they posted the video so they can show just how dangerous it can be, and it’s really an interesting perspective. We normally see footage OF drunk driver, never FROM drunk drivers. Here it is:

We always hear people say things like “I’m a better driver when I’m buzzed,” or “I’m always careful, I’ll be fine.” Those are the types of people I’d like to see video from their dash of them driving. Obviously though, I don’t want them driving anyway. We’re not sure if this lady was thinking the same thing, but clearly her reactions were slow, she overcorrected a lot, and ultimately lost her license and her car. Nevermind mentioning someone else lost their car too, though it doesn’t appear anyone was it it at the time. She was twice the legal limit, and had a ton of calls to police about her along the way. See the full details here.

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