Sac Brew Bike Is Introducing The Sac Brew Boat This Summer!

By Admin on June 7, 2018
Sac Brew Bike, Sac Brew Boat, Sacramento (Photo by Helen Orr/Getty Images)
(Photo by Helen Orr/Getty Images)

Few things go together like booze and boats (with a designated driver that is). And Sac Brew Bike is taking advantage of that this summer. This July, the company will introduce their new Sac Brew Boat.

The idea is basically the same as the brew bikes you know and love…or hate depending on where you live. Up to 15 people will power the boat via pedals for 90-minutes. But, if they get tired, now worries.  A solar-powered motor charged will pick up the slack according to The Bee.

Sac Brew Boat tours will start near downtown Sacramento, go to the American River confluence, then head back. And like the Sac Brew Bike tours, alcohol is BYOB. It’s limited to beer, wine and cider. They’re still waiting on the okay for riders to be able to jump into the river.

Order Your Sac Brew Boat Tickets Now!

Five tours will take place a day, and they start at $35 a person. Tickets are available to pre-order at 916-952-7973 or at the Sac Brew Bike office.

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