Sacramento-Based Film ‘Lady Bird’ Receives A Perfect Rotten Tomatoes Score, And Cody Found Out Why

Is the Sacramento-based film Lady Bird worth watching?

By Doug Lazy on November 8, 2017
(Photo By: Brad Barket / Getty Images for The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences )

If you live in Sacramento, you should’ve heard of the coming-of-age-adolescence film Lady Bird by now. The indie flick is based here! Most of it was filmed here too. The director and writer Greta Gerwig is from the area, and tells the story of her teenage years.

The feature hits theaters Friday, and you’ll want to see it. Not just because it takes place in our city! Rotten Tomatoes gave it a perfect score, and critics are saying it should be considered for Oscar nominations. I saw it last night at Tower, and I really enjoyed it!

I should start by saying I’m not originally from Sacramento. Maybe I’d love it more if I grew up here, but I wouldn’t give it a perfect score. Though, it has a lot of heart and relatable moments. Plus, it’s saturated with Sacramento landmarks and scenery. The exit for my place was in it! Random but cool.

I recommend it! Watch the trailer below.


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