Woman On Sacramento-Bound Southwest Flight Jailed For Threatening To Kill Passengers

A flight to Sacramento didn’t end very well for one woman, whose breakdown was captured on camera.

By Admin on December 11, 2017

An 83-minute flight from Portland didn’t end particularly well for one passenger. A 24-year-old woman was arrested after making death threats on the Sacramento-Bound Southwest flight.

The Sacramento Bee claims the woman was first caught smoking in the bathroom. She was also accused of tampering with smoke detectors. So, you know, the ONE thing they are very adamant about NOT doing on airplanes.

Homicidal Threats Caught On Camera

Video shows the woman screaming, “If we don’t land, I will kill everybody on this plane.” Of course there were some words I can’t type in there. See it for yourself in the video below.

The Sacramento-Bound Southwest flight made it into the airport with priority treatment from Air Traffic Controllers. The woman is reportedly still being held on $75,000 bail.

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