Sacramento Chick-Fil-A Will Begin Paying $17 An Hour

A Sacramento Chick-fil-A location will soon be paying its ‘hospitality professionals’ $17 an hour. Employees are currently earning $12.50 to $13 hourly.

By Admin on May 29, 2018
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The Sacramento Chick-fil-A on Madison Avenue will be paying its “hospitality professionals” $17 an hour starting on June 4. Employees are currently earning $12.50 to $13 hourly.

To put that in perspective, the current minimum wage is $11 per hour. Owner and operator Eric Mason said that he wants to be able to provide his workers with a livable wage.

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According to ABC10, all employees will receive paid sick leave, and those in leadership positions also get paid time off. Mason said:

“We’re looking for people trying to raise families, improve their lifestyle. The people is the real key component to successful businesses. We’re looking for people who are looking for long-term opportunity.”

California minimum wage is increasing by $.50 a year and will be $15 by 2022.

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