Sacramento Concert Venue To Close Its Doors In November

By Admin on September 18, 2018
(Photo By: Spencer Platt / Getty Images)

I’ve actually never heard of Cafe Colonial, but apparently it’s a great place to catch a punk or rock show. However, it will be closing for good in November. The owner, Matt Marrujo, cites rising operational costs as the reason for the closure.

In a Facebook post made last week he wrote, “is was not an easy choice to make, this place is my home and the people here are my family. With constant change and lack of funds it has been almost impossible to make the kind of money we need to keep going. Benefit shows and Patreon supporter have helped us up to this point, but it is still not enough.”

Cafe Colonial is on Stockton Blvd., and aside from rising costs, Marryujo told KCRA that the homeless population was another factor in the closure. “This area, in particular, doesn’t really seem to be getting better. It doesn’t really seem like anyone is really trying to do anything to make it better.”

This isn’t the first concert venue to close recently in Sacramento either. Starlite Lounge closed their doors last year. Ironically, this Fox 40 article lists Cafe Colonial as one of the reasons for the decreasing crowds at Starlite. The last show for the venue will be on November 17.

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