Sacramento County Shatters COVID-19 Cases Record, Forcing Businesses to Close

By Pacey on June 29, 2020
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Over the weekend Governor Gavin Newsom put Sacramento County, among many others on a recommended list of counties to shut bars down immediately.


On Monday, Sacramento Country counted 228 new Coronavirus cases, with the death toll rising to 68 total. This brings the total COVID-19 cases in Sacramento County to 3,004 cases.

Today, under the order of County health director Dr. Peter Beilenson, bars will be forced to close taking effect at 6 p.m today.

Beilenson also said that people should use extreme caution with family or social gatherings.

“Through our rigorous contact tracing investigations, we know that many people are transmitting the virus through private, in-home gatherings with family and friends – a situation that most often results in little social distancing, no face coverings and a relaxed atmosphere,” he said in a news release. “Unfortunately, multi-generational family gatherings leave elderly and immune-compromised family members most at risk to complications from COVID-19.”

Especially during the 4th of July weekend, he said that such gatherings are prohibited.

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