Sacramento Will Be The First City To Get Verizon 5G Wireless Service

As part of the 100 million dollar partnership created in June, Sacramento will be the first city in the nation to try out Verizon’s new 5G wireless service.

By Admin on November 30, 2017

If 4G just isn’t enough for you anymore, then you will love this news. Verizon 5G high-speed wireless service is coming to Sacramento in 2018.

According to the Sacramento Business Journal, the Capitol City will be the first in the nation to receive the new, faster service. 5G uses radio signals instead of cables, which allows for faster connectivity and service.

Verizon and the city signed a $100 million partnership in June. The 5G service is part of the deal. Additionally, the partnership will bring free WiFi access in 27 parks in the Sacramento area.

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