Sacramento Ghost Hunter Spooks Up–Er, Speaks Up–To Pat and Tom

By kncitom on October 11, 2019
Melissa Lockett has been a professional paranormal investigator since 2015

Do you believe in ghosts? 

This time of year, it seems like most everyone does, to one degree or another.

But whether or not they’re real (and, personal note: I think they are), ghosts are big business. Look at TV shows like Ghost Adventures (which recently concluded taping a future episode in Old Sacramento–can’t wait for that one), or the number of paranormal investigative teams just in the Sacramento region–a quick Google search turns up several, including one of the most highly rated, the Sacramento Paranormal Intuitive Research Investigative Team..a mouthful unless you use their acronym, SPIRIT. 

The SPIRIT team

Melissa Lockett started SPIRIT in March of 2015 and since then, she estimates they’ve gone on 4-500 calls just in the Sacramento region per year. In fact, they’re already booked through November of 2020! We initially reached out because we thought it’d be fun to have them investigate our building, which has a few ongoing, inexplicable quirks. But since we couldn’t book ’em, we thought we’d at least talk with them. 

Melissa told us she’s been paranormally intuitive her whole life, but was reluctant to admit it.

I am a passive medium. I closed it off and denied it for a lot of reasons. One, I didn’t want to be judged, I didn’t want to be ridiculed and I also have my faith. I believe.”

She said it took a long time to resolve those feelings but that now she feels she’s here to help people “resolve problems. I’m meant to use this in a positive way.”

She says she is contacted mostly by private residences (including “very skeptical families” she notes) but has also done businesses, “larger locations” and also infamous locations, like the Dorthea Puente house (note: Dorthea Puente was an elderly boarding house landlord who, it turned out, was murdering boarders staying there, burying them in her backyard, and cashing their social security checks. She was tried and convicted and died in 2011. The home still stands at 1426 F Street. For more, click here).

They (the current owners) don’t really do investigations there. It’s my team and Ghost Adventures that did a whole investigation of the location, that’s it. It (was) intense. She actually responded to one of our devices when I asked her her name. And she said ‘death'”

Anyone else get chill bumps just now?

What else is haunted around here?

Sutter’s Fort is rich in beautiful history…we have done investigations in that area, it’s heavy. There’s a lot of Native American presence, and also a lot of 49’er..that type of energy and that type of era. We’ve documented some really interesting evidence in that area.

Where else in the Sacramento area does Melissa recommend checking out? How does she tell a good spirit from bad? And what other message did she and her team receive while at the Puente house

She answers those questions and more in our full interview, which you can listen to below. And if you’d like to find out more about what SPIRIT does, just click here. Happy HaLlOwEen!!!


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