Sam Hunt Shaves His Beard And He Is Almost Unrecognizable

By Admin on January 31, 2018
Sam Hunt (Photo by John Shearer/Country Rising/Getty Images)
(Photo by John Shearer/Country Rising/Getty Images)

BRING BACK THE BEARD! Sam Hunt hasn’t always has a big, bushy beard. In fact, he kept growing it because Hanna, his wife, liked it.

But now it’s gone and I need it back IMMEDIATELY. Remember this sweet facial hair?

Well, it’s gone.

I mean, obviously do whatever you want Sam Hunt because it’s your face. But I am team beardy Sam.

In fact, Luke Bryan didn’t even recognize him. “[Sam] walked in, I swear to God, he could have been in our room for 20 minutes.”

So, beard or not bear? How do you prefer your Mr. Hunt?

In related news, Sam and Luke Bryan announced plans to hit the road together. Also, Sam revealed that he’s working on a new album. He said he’ll be in the studio for the next two months.

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