San Antonio Mansion Owned By George Strait Is On The Market [Photos]

Not only is this place outrageous, it’s also being sold by his daughter-in-law who is a realtor!

By kmvq on November 15, 2017


For a mere $3.9 million dollars, this gorgeous estate in The Dominion neighborhood could be yours!

Sure, it’s almost 8,000 square feet on 12.2 acres of land with 11 fireplaces, a gym, walk in safe, infinity pool and an outdoor living space, but the coolest part of this property is that it’s owned by the one and only George Strait.



The home is in Bexar county, which states that George owned the property until 2007, when it was transferred to a trustโ€”George and Norma, his wife, are the owners of said trust. So yeah, he owns it.

Also, the realtor is Tamara Strait, which appears to be his daughter-in-law so if you buy this place you might actually get to meet George. I’m sure she could pull some strings.

For interior photos and a digital tour, check out Sante Fe in The Dominion’s website.


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