Several Are Dead After New, 950 Ton Bridge Collapses At Florida International University

By Admin on March 15, 2018
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Earlier today, a 174 feet long bridge collapsed at Florida International University near Miami. The bridge was scheduled to open for foot traffic in 2019.  However, it was lifted off it its temporary support this past Saturday.

Witness Accounts of the Bridge Collapse

A witness told CBS News “I heard a big ‘kaboom. It sounded continuous. We thought something had fallen, but it was the bridge that collapsed. It was just surreal at that moment and pretty scary.”

People were on the bridge, and so far it seems like eight vehicles were trapped under it. Eight victims were taken to hospitals, but the search for more continues.

“I was three seconds away from being under the bridge, but I looked forward. All of a sudden I saw the bridge collapse…” said Susie Bermudez.

Multiple fatalities from the bridge collapse near Florida International University have been reported. However, no exact number has yet been released.

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