Sheryl Crow Voices Opinion On Gun Control

Sheryl Crow hopes her speaking out will spark rational conversation and debate,

By Admin on December 14, 2017
(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Following the harrowing Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting in Las Vegas, which left 50 dead and hundreds more injured, more and more country artists have taken a stance on gun control, including Sheryl Crow.

She told the Guardian in a recent interview:

“There’s no one that I know of in the popular country world that is willing to step out and really to take a stand on this, and that’s really unfortunate. I think it’s fear-based, this fear of losing your audience, this fear of p–sing off your audience.”

Crow certainly doesn’t stand alone with her views on gun control in the country community, but she points out that there needs to be more effective discussions and actions taken:

“You would think after Vegas we would see some leadership from our country community, but all I can say about that is if there’s money involved, and fear, these conversations come to a screeching halt …

“I hope there will be people who find a way out of their fear, who stick up for humanity, as opposed to sticking with their fanbase or the money that can come along with having those large crowds.”

Although Crow understands the controversial nature of her commentary, she hopes that her words will spark rational conversation between opposing sides, and not just a gut reaction of hatred or disagreement:

“The emotional terrorism that is being wielded from the White House down has everyone so on edge that it’s robbed us of our ability to have reasonable conversations, where we sit in a room and we’re able to discuss these very important topics with people we don’t necessarily agree with.”

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