Smiling Horse Steals The Spotlight From A Bride In This Wedding Photo

This is one of the best wedding photos I have ever seen.

By Doug Lazy on November 9, 2017


A wedding photo has gone viral over the last few days and for good reason—the horse featured in the photo was caught smiling!

Well, at least that’s what it looks like. According to the bride, and the owner of Cricket, the horse was shaking off a fly when the photo was taken.



The story behind the horses in the wedding is even better than the photo though. Patti Womer and her father purchased Cricket along with Dutch when she was just eight years old. She immediately starting competing in horse shows and rodeos which helped strengthen the bong between her and her father.

Sadly, Patti and he dad were involved in an accident about a year before her wedding which left her injured and claimed her father’s life according to

Patti ended up riding Cricket to the beginning of the aisle, then had Dutch, her father’s horse, walk down the aisle with her.

I’m not crying.

Patti said that the picture was  “the perfect moment and a once in a lifetime opportunity.” She added that “there is something that never goes as planned but I loved it all.”


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