Starbucks Ringing In 2018 With Black And White New Year’s Drinks

By Admin on December 28, 2017

It wouldn’t be a holiday or new season without a new Starbuck’s drink. So, say hello to the coffee chain’s new Black and White New Year’s drinks.

According to Delish, the new collection includes a mocha, hot cocoa, and a frappuccino.

Introducing Starbuck’s Black And White New Year’s Drinks

The Black and White Mocha features espresso poured over white chocolate and dark mocha. Then, steamed milk is added and it’s topped with whipped cream and chocolate sequins.

Additionally, the remaining Black and White New Year’s drinks are essentially the same. But, without the coffee. And of course, the frappuccino is frozen.

The new drinks are available at participating Starbucks locations now throughout the first week of January.

So, make sure your 2018 resolution is NOT giving up Starbucks. Because these look and sound pretty tasty.

Are you planning to try out the new Black and White mocha? If so, bring me one!

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