Stolen Ruby Slippers From “The Wizard Of Oz” Found In FBI Sting!

By kncipat on September 5, 2018
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Who took them?  The Wicked Witch Of The West?  A pair of ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in the “Wizard Of Oz,” have been found 13 years after being stolen.

The slippers were taken from the Judy Garland Museum in Garland’s hometown of Grand Rapids, Minnesota. says that the iconic shoes were part of a smash and grab robbery in 2005.

The FBI recovered the ruby slippers in a sting operation that ran from Minnesota to Florida.  And they’re still stumped as to who exactly masterminded the whole thing. (my money’s on one of the flying monkeys).

Why would anyone take the infamous shoes?  Because they are what one expert said is the Holy Grail of all Hollywood memorabilia.  They’ve been valued at $7 million.

Judy Garland Museum board member Jamie Koffel says there’s no way they’d ever thought they’d see the ruby slippers again.  Over the past 13 years thousands of tips have been phoned into the museum and police.  The search was so wide it covered 20 states.  Dive teams actually searched local rivers and lakes.

Grand Rapids Police Chief Scott Johnson says, “They are more than just a pair of shoes.  The slippers are an enduring symbol of the power of belief.  And I know I speak for everyone in our Grand Rapids community when I say that we are very, very pleased that the public again has the potential opportunity to view this piece of Hollywood’s most treasured piece of our nation’s film history.”

Seven pair of the ruby slippers were used in the making of the movie.  Only four pair are known to exist.  And they didn’t just get them from Payless.  The slippers were made from over a dozen different materials including silk thread, wood, pulp, plastic and glass.  Then the over 2,300 sequins and beads were added.  And, of course, they were magical!

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